About Postcards Café

Flower of Hawaii

Our guest book tells the story:

"When we leave Kauai, we dream of the seafood rockets and pasta Francesca at Postcards. "

"A perfect blending of flavors and textures, beautifully  presented."

"This was the best seafood we've had in the islands."

"Our favorite restaurant - three nights in a row!"

"Wish there was a Postcards Café in our town."

  Our T-shirts have been spotted all over the world. Maybe we're a little famous for our superbly prepared seafood and our gourmet vegetarian cuisine. We serve truly exceptional fresh meals with an abundance of organic ingredients, including island-grown produce. We use no meat, poultry, refined sugar, or foods with chemical additives. Many of our dishes are vegan (no eggs or dairy) or can be customized for you.

Dinner nightly from six o'clock

P.O. Box 778, Hanalei HI 96714
Phone 808 826-1191   Fax 808 826-5550
postcards.cafe@gmail.com or postcards.cafesarah@gmail.com

We have a charming "Old Hawaii" setting in Hanalei, Kauai:
the first building on your left after crossing the bridge from Princeville.

See the blog Turn the Paige for an article on Kauai vegetarian options that mentions Postcards Cafe.

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